Student graduates matched with canines from Southeastern Guide Dogs - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

</p><p>Today there's a new mild within Carlisle's life: a new spunky yellow Labrador named Sunshine, who has been simply raised by simply St. About July 16, Carlisle and eight various other visually impaired students graduated making use associated with their manual dogs. the dogs had been trained and given by Southeastern guide Dogs pertaining to free.</p><p>Southeastern guide Dogs relies upon volunteer puppy raisers to consider within puppies once they tend to be 9 weeks old, love them, train all of them in basic obedience, and also expose these to every aspect of life so that they really will probably be confident guides when they tend to be matched with a visually impaired person.</p><p>After getting raised through the Kriseman family, Sunshine returned for you to Southeastern guide Dogs within January 2014, where the lady discovered more than 40 commands during formal harness training just before getting paired along with Shameeka.</p><p>Shameeka along with Sunshine and eight some other students along with guide dog pairs invested almost a month living as well as studying collectively in Southeastern guide Dogs' Palmetto campus, observing one another and perfecting crucial commands as well as forming an inseparable bond.</p>. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman. <p>Three a extended time ago, Shameeka Carlisle, a former Marine coming from Blaine, Minn., ended up being identified as having cone dystrophy, an inherited situation causing vision loss and sensitivity for you to bright lights

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